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Fly Away, Drive Away

1,2 m FlyAway antenna for live transmissions

In 2012 RTV RTC's engineers made a custom design of 1,2m FlyAway broadcast level antenna with excellent RF performance for live transmissions.

ERA 1,2m segmented FlyAway antenna on the low-profile tripod

FlyAway Antenna


 Era – Cobham 12Kus model
1.2 m across-flats four-piece segmented carbon-fiber and aluminum sandwiched "Diamond" shaped reflector with feedboom and feed.

Optics & Feed  Offset, Prime focus, 2-port linear  
Positioner & Drive mechanics
  • Azimuth travel ±30° fine, 360 coarse
  • Elevation travel 5-85° fine
  • Low-profile heavy-duty aircraft aluminum tripod
  • Dry bushings leg stowing & self securing mechanism
  • Dry slide bearing azimuth turn-table and elevation mechanisms
  • Stainless steel trapezoidal screw manual actuators for azimuth and elevation
  • Stainless steel ball-bearing leveling feet
  • Manual rotation of the feed, ±90° fine


12KuS antenna RF data

  Band & Gain  Cross-polarization  Isolation  VSWR
Tx  13.75−14.5 GHz
43.6 dBi at W/G output of OMT (14.0 GHz)
 <-35 dB within 0.3° of bore sight     40 dB excluding transmit reject filter  <1.3:1
Rx  10.95−12.75 GHz
42.2 dBi at W/G output of filter (11.7 GHz)
 <-35 dB on bore sight
<-25 dB within 0.3° of bore sight
   >35 dB
   >70dB with transmit reject filter

Eutelsat / Intelsat compliant sidelobe envelope, confirmed Eutelsat / Intelsat DSNG stations registration experience.

Flight cases

Polycarbonate with extruded aluminum edges enforcement and inside shaped foam locations. Soft-fastened locations for 48" flex-twist waveguide with quick-connect flanges.

  Netto weight  Brutto weight in flight case  Flight cases dimensions
 Reflector  14 kg  Appox. 20 kg  680(L)x590(W)x690(H) mm
 Tripod, positioner, feedboom and feed  27 kg  Approx. 40kg  1450(L)x520(W)x420(H) mm

Environmental data

  • Wind speed (survival) 18m/s 
  • Temperature -40° to +60°C
  • Rainfall <100 mm/hour, Snow <50 mm/hour
  • Relative humidity <100%


  • Waveguides and quick-connect flanges, variety of LNB/LNA
  • Remote manual rope drive of the polarization
  • Hardigg&Peli or Zarges flight cases
  • The tripod and positioner can be purchased separately and adapted for customer's reflector


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